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So I’m standing in line to get in to an anime convention and I noticed that the girl in line behind me is wearing hand painted Full Metal Alchemist pajamas. Hand painted. And it’s not very high quality artwork either - it looks like something she made in a middle school art class. And then I noticed she had painted her sneakers and messenger bag to match. And just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any weirder… I realized she’d drawn all the characters as furries.

Think of that the way you want to, but I have always been thin, with big breasts and a pretty face. Overall prettier than the average girl. I always went very good at both school and sports (even if volleyball isn’t really my cup of tea) and took pride in it, because I fight everyday with stereotypes and people who thinks that just because I’m pretty I have to be .
At university, I’m now regarded as a refined and good-looking girl who always gives her best and gets wonderful grades because she studies and I have made myself very clear with the people I know (the others can go to hell for what I care). I am good at conversation, counseling and I have a witty mouth that everybody seems to like, as many people ask me to join them during lunch or breaks and talk with me.
I have friends, a wonderful boyfriend and I couldn’t be happier with the way things got for me.

I am usually told that absolutely nobody could tell I’m a (now) closet-in nerd who was bullied and went home crying for eight years of her life.

I am an ex-weeaboo.
I was a weeaboo to everybody else’s eyes (even if I never wore any anime-themed things) and what has made things really hard for me was prejudice. Judgement has been spat at me forever (big breasts = stupid, not following trends = outcast, not interested in having a boyfriend at 14 = lesbian) and nobody really cared to see that I could totally talk about everything. That if girls were talking about make-up or boys, I could tell my opinion just like everybody else. I had wonderful parents who understood I was having a Japan-loving phase and encouraged me to draw the way I wanted to, also giving me advice and asking me if I wanted to join an art class during my free time. I bought mangas, read them enthusiastically and also took some Japanese lessons, but never told “kawaii” or “sugoi” in public. I loved (and still love) to write, but my fanfictions never left the site where I published them, because I knew asking for some feedback to uninterested classmates wasn’t a good idea.
I was a weeaboo with some brain, not the demented one this blog always publishes stories about.

On my first day of high school, I was happy. Finally, I could gave myself a new identity and toss away my Dragonball-fangirl part that seemingly cause me to be isolated during three years of junior high, in order to make friends. I met my classmates and tried to talk with the old that joined the same class. My pencil case had a Deidara (from Naruto) keychain and nothing else; it was clear I liked to draw and I loved Japan, but I wasn’t insisting or whatever, I always think (and was confirmed later about it) that I presented myself as a sane and nice girl and went home smiling.

The next day, nobody was talking to me. I approached girls and they just stared like I was an alien or told “So what?” when I said something about the topic they were talking about. When I approached boys, they would simply ignore me, even if I told “Oh, I knew that videogame! What class are you playing?”.
It was the beginning of five years of suffering. I was regarded as “that strange girl”, “manga”, “the not-so-sane one”. I began to ask myself if I smelled weirdly or I had bad breath, and everyday I doubted myself, slowly destroying my self-esteem piece by piece. My pencil case was hidden at least once a week and a drawing I had made for a contest (I brought it to school because I had to drop it by the contest address that day after class), was tossed in the trash when I went to the restroom - I found it during class when I went to sharpen my pencil.
When the Facebook class group was opened, there was a caps-lock warning: NO MANGA in the description.

Nobody would talk or confess what everybody witnessed everyday. It was your classic mobbing and they targeted my interests, but I was too good to fight fire with fire. I simply couldn’t bring myself to hurt others, even if they were hurting me for NO REASON. I never gossiped, I never talked badly of anybody, I passed my notes to everybody who asked and helped, helped, helped that bunch of idiots hoping that they would change, that they would realize I wasn’t…I don’t know what. I have never known what made people think I was a complete idiot.
I had no friends for years. There were people I talked to more often, of course, but none of them ended to be really close to me for a number of reasons (they changed school, moved or simply drifted away after changing interests), so I couldn’t do nothing but closing myself. I couldn’t change class for the simple reason that my teachers were the best and I’m still proud of my decision because I owe my current grades to them. Of course, they sensed that something wasn’t right and often tried talking to my class, but there was an indifferent silence everytime. They couldn’t do nothing. My parents were worried and I thank them everyday for caring so much about me, avoiding the classic consquences of bullying you see on Tumblr or Ask.fm. Or even on tv.

Everything because, for others, I was a weeaboo.

I was lucky. I joined a Saint Seiya roleplaying forum where I met my boyfriend and the people who literally saved my life, self-esteem and that convinced me I am absolutely normal: my best friends. A comic store opened in my town (it’s closed now) and I went here almost everyday after school, meeting some of the people who convinced me I looked identical to some characters. I started to cosplay and made really good costumes and props, eventually stopping when things started to get really too expensive.
I started to be myself again. I finished school with good grades and I am now a top student at my university, winning a scholarship and the possibility of studying abroad. I love videogames, comics and I play tabletops (Pathfinder, Warhammer Fantasy) and I still draw sometimes, mostly for fun. I write and design websites in my free time.

I am a happy. But when I see other people at university talking about anime or webcomics, I unintentionally avoid them at first sight. Only few of my colleagues know I like comics.
Because only three years have passed since my class shouted me: “Who cares?” when my father boarded on his plane just half an hour before the Fukushima tragedy and I couldn’t make my homework, forcing another classmate to go at the blackboard instead of me and take the hideous grade he deserved.
That day, my Italian teacher hugged the crying husk I was and told me: “One day, you will look at them from high above and your victories will make them scream with anger”.

I am.

Okay, this isn’t a terribly interesting story, but I was friends a while back with this full-on weeaboo girl. Now, she’s not really important in this story because she was pretty harmless, (Besides spamming my tumblr askbox 3-4 times a day trying to get me to draw Gamzee/Vriska porn) but she was the one who got me into Hetalia. I was never a weeoboo at all, so when she told me to watch it I binged it for a couple days and moved on, thinking it was a cute show. Hoever, weeaboo girl told her friends (that I’m acquainted with) that I had watched it, and they bugged me about it constantly for a couple weeks (asking me to draw/write things, cosplay. etc.). I was on the verge of punching them, but shortly afterwards I moved to Germany, so I figured I wouldn’t hear much of them again. I was wrong. Now that I lived in Europe, the sent me nonstop messages asking me to buy stuff for them. Candy, merchandise, souvenirs, stuff like that. And they refused to pay for it. So I told them no.

Cue three weeks of constant spamming of all of my social networking accounts, calling me a “baka” and “not sugoi”. When I tried to tell them to stop, they accused me of lying about living in Germany, and proceeded to circulate rumors amongst everyone in my hometown that I was actually living in Kansas. Kansas, of all places. None of my good friends believed them, but a lot of other people did. I cleared everything up by posting pictures of myself in front of some national monuments in Berlin, which I thought would end things. But no.

I visited Tuscany that summer with my family and met some  really sweet Italian people. I posted a picture on facebook of me and this girl that I met, and the weeaboos immediately went crazy, telling me that it was “yuri” and “gerita is real omg” and some really inappropriate sexual things. I was pissed enough as it is, but it turned out that the italian girl I was friends with had freaked the fuck out and blocked me on facebook because the weeaboos had been harassing her and sending porn to her. So they bascially ruined a good friendship as well as my chances of going back to italy to stay with these people, as we had talked about wanting to do.

Luckily, most of it died down a few months ago, but the weeaboo girls are still running a tumblr blog that steriotypes all people as carbon copies of the Hetalia character for their country. It has nine followers.

(submitted by someone who wishes to remain anonymous)


I’ve read so many stories on here, now I see this as tame ;-; it really did change me though… Read if you wanna.
Alright, I was an official high school junior. I used to be a super weeb, but I’m under control. I knew that a girl I met at a summer camp was coming to school as a freshman, so I was more or less excited. I’ll just call her H. Once she arrived, I asked H if her twin made it in my school too. Unfortunately, she didn’t. The reason I was disappointed was because H’s twin and I were best friends. I would think that she would have made it since my school was an art school and she was an amazing artist.

Even though it was disappointing, I thought I could become just as good of friends with H as I did with her twin. So, we hung out a bit. It was really fun at first, to be honest. We drew, made jokes, talked about fandoms, all that stuff. Then one day, we both decided to have our Deviant Art accounts take off by making Homestuck reader inserts. It was going good until one day H posted a comment that completely BEAT UP MY STORY. She just flamed it without any sort of constructive criticism, as if she was saying it was all a failure.

I noted her, saying that I didn’t think saying all of that was necessary and that she could just give tips instead of beating me down. She just replied: “I was just giving advice. Sorry for being helpful. Try not to make your story crumble TOO much without a professional’s kind advice to improve.”

That just made me mad. I was the one that even CONVINCED her into writing. I’m trying to become an author, so I’ve been disciplining myself more with writing technique then she ever has. Eventually, I got over it. Nothing to stay pissed at I concluded.
But that was just the beginning. Soon, H started blaming me for things that I didn’t do.

She said that I had bent one of her tarot cards when I was extremely careful and did not do anything to even make a bend in it. She said I sabotaged a friend’s project by hiding it in a classroom. I didn’t even know that friend was working on it. Soon, H started to draw my friends away with her serious addiction to anime and having them get into some.

She still wouldn’t leave me alone on Deviant Art still.

Finally, I confronted her and asked, and I quote, “(H), I want to know what fucking Pokemon dick is up your ass when I’m around.”
She didn’t answer. She actually didn’t talk to me all day, which made me even angrier considering that she didn’t say anything.

Finally, I got on Deviant Art to see that I had a note from H. It simply said: ‘I’m sorry.’
After that, we barely talked. Even on the bus when none of our friends were there. I accept her apology, but I really didn’t have much esteem to begin with. She lowered it to the point where I’m scared to post new chapters to my stories.

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Good question anon, can you explain what it looks like… ?

I feel like I should submit this. They sure were behaving like a bunch of weeaboos.     

  I was at school on hat day and you probably guessed by the title that I did display as Double D (Ed, Edd, n Eddy) that day. It was fun how some people recognized who I was and it was a great day so far. The pep rally was where the pestering took place. Don’t get me wrong, I like pep rallies, but, someone always has to ruin it.              

Now this is where it gets obnoxious.

A group of people thought it would be funny to mess with my hat for a whole hour. I did give them the glare, I did tell them to stop, but all they did was laugh and bother me some more. After an hour had passed, I had enough long ago and I wanted to move, and so I did. I was happy that they didn’t get the idea of following me just so they can get me mad. Now, I am more aware of who I am sitting near.

I originally wrote this in a blog, but I had to edit it since the Weeaboo Stories on Tumblr says we can’t use the person’s real name. I wish I was able to though, since the name is a big part of the “drama” that this person caused. Anyway, here it goes!
(I apologize ahead of time if the story seems to be a little too random, but I don’t think I can list every single event that happened, so I’m just going to start from the beginning and then go right into the major drama that happened!)
I will call her “Blueberry” since she once told me that people thought she looked like the girl from Willy Wonka. Blueberry is a different kind of “weeaboo”, well, maybe not, I think? It’s like she obsesses over characters and wants to be exactly like them, specifically the ones in Hetalia.
Other names: Tin ~ my close friend who is still friends with Blueberry
Leroy ~ Blueberry’s ex bf, who is also my friend from high school
(The other names are just randomly picked, and were the first ones that came to mind.)

I don’t know how this all started with her, or where to start, exactly, with this blog entry. I guess I should start from the beginning.

So I met Blueberry in high school. She is a year older than me and was really nice to me at first. She was kind of quiet but grew more open once we became closer. She was an anime fan, and a fan of Japanese culture and always danced “anime” dances or would sing in Japanese (which was understandable since she took Japanese class). She also spoke about her favourite characters often and cosplayed too. At the time of these events, she started telling me about her love of Hetalia, this new show she discovered, and that she wanted to have a group cosplay with the characters, and suggested me to be Taiwan. (I’m Eurasian and used to wear a LOT of pink! I still haven’t seen the show, but I Googled the character, so I know what she looks like.) She was a fan of Hetalia’s Italy, Russia, Greece and Turkey and was planning to cosplay them.
I thought we were really close friends because I would call her often and we would talk on the phone and make each other laugh a LOT. I remember most of the time we talked, she would tell jokes about Leroy, and how obsessed he was with her. (At the time, I believed her.) She told me that he was a good boyfriend at first but then started acting creepy, so she broke up with him and then he started obsessing over her.
 After I finished high school, I started using Facebook (even though I wasn’t allowed to have one. I used a pseudonym) so we could talk and I could connect with my friends who did not own a phone or had no other way of contacting me. I told everyone in a message that it was me, and specifically told them not to tell anyone about the account because I was not allowed to have one.

 I (being a first-time Facebook user) went a bit “tag crazy” and would tag all of my friends in random pictures I found online that reminded me of them (ex. the crazy friend, the cute friend, the friend who sleeps a lot, etc.). I felt as if they’d feel excluded if I didn’t include them. (Some of my friends would tell me to stop tagging them, so I did, and I think she may have did, but I don’t remember her telling me. If she did tell me, then it was probably only once.)  I’d tag Blueberry and my other friends, they’d comment on the pictures/posts. My posts would sometimes be in Russian, English or sometimes a little Japanese and Russ-English, or “Russian and English mixed together”. (At the time, I spoke 3 languages: English, Spanish and Russian and was also taking Japanese at the time since Tin wanted to take it and I wanted a class with her. <Currently, I’m taking German.> I also would speak to my friends in all of those languages, so some of them learned a little, if they didn’t already.
Anyway, Blueberry would comment asking me what I was saying, because she was one of my friends who didn’t understand Russian, and I (or my other friends who understood what I wrote) would have to translate for her some of the phrases. 

After a while, I noticed that she was no longer active on Facebook (FB) as she was when I first friended her. Then she posted that she was was going to delete her FB account due to someone stalking her, and that if you still wanted to be her friend, then message her. I messaged her saying that I still did and she never messaged me back, so I figured, I guess she’s no longer going to use that account. Later, I don’t remember exactly why or how, but one of my friends told me that she had made a new account. I didn’t know about it, so I asked my friend to send me a link, because the FB name he gave me wasn’t showing up in the search box. After he sent me the link, I clicked on it, and it said that the content of the page was unavailable. I was so shocked because I didn’t know why I was unable to view her page unless I was blocked. Upon discovering that I had been blocked, I was upset for the longest time. Tin told me that she was still friends with Blueberry and was FB friends with her on her new account too. I still kept asking myself, and Tin, why Blueberry would block me. She told me that she didn’t know why until one night, she finally told me what Blueberry wrote about me and had messaged to everyone. 

According to Tin, Blueberry created the new account because Leroy was supposedly “stalking” her page. And the second reason is because of ME.

She wrote (with some words omitted):

       ”Two, is (my name). She is known as (my FB name) on Facebook. I had told her countless times to please stop spamming my page with pointless photos and things I don’t need. After 3 times, she would still not listen so I deleted her. I changed my account and she used (guy friend’s name) and some friends to peek into my profile and see personal info I only shared with come people.”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading! I was so upset, angry and confused at the same time! My initial thought was Why on earth would she do something this terrible!?!”. Especially because I told her specifically NOT to tell anyone about my account. I really thought we were friends! After four years of knowing her, you wouldn’t think she’d do something like this!

Most of what she said was a lie (everything but the name part). She has only told me once (if at all) to not tag her in pictures and posts. Secondly, she BLOCKED me, so how would I have been able to view her account if I was blocked? And I would never use my friends for that reason! I honestly had no clue why she would make up these things about me! I couldn’t think of anything that I did to upset her or make her feel this way, besides the tagging. If she really didn’t like me tagging her, then she could have at least told me that she was going to block me because I was being annoying, or something. I was just grateful that my friend was kind enough to let me know about what was being said about me. I still couldn’t fathom why she would do that to me and tell all those lies. I kept thinking and wondering constantly about it.

 Sometime later, I don’t remember when, but after all that wondering, I came across the reason why! I don’t remember who told me this, but her new FB account (oh yeah, she used my FB surname, btw.) supposedly said that she was a half Russian/Italian girl who is able to speak both languages fluently. (She is actually ethnically Mexican and was from Mexico but lived, or went to school in the US, where we met.) I finally came to the realization  why she had blocked me. It was because I speak Russian. I think it is because she didn’t want to come off as a “fake”. Everything that was written in Russian on her account was translated from a website (eg. Google translate). I remember one of the descriptions of a picture on her former account had something written in Russian, and I told her the correct way to say it, or what a more common used phrase would be. I think the captions for the picture was just for her Hetalia: Axis Powers cosplay though, but I guess her love of the character grew so much that she felt as if she needed to pretend her life was exactly like the character(s).

I think that everyone knew how fake she was though, because the people who know me personally knew both our language backgrounds. Our mutual friends probably knew too if they saw my posts. When I spoke to some of my friends about it, they told me that they didn’t trust her either. I feel bad for the people who actually believe her all of her lies though. I just wish it didn’t have to come to her making up lies about other people. I think it’s just terrible.

About a year later, I heard that she caused drama for the rest of her friends. Because of her countless lies, I guess people stopped believing her. Her best friend even exposed all of her lies to everyone, and she had a huge argument with her group of friends, ending most of her friendships with them. I was thinking that if she hadn’t lied at all, then none of this would have even happened.

A couple of months later, my friend texted me that Blueberry was supposedly “dead" according to a post by her boyfr—-er, I mean, "fiance”.
(I originally had a screenshot of it sent to me, but I can’t post it here because of the anonymous policy of this page.)
The post read:
"Hey, this is (Blueberry’s fiance’s name)…i got a call earlier this after noon that something terrible happened and well i guess to put it bluntly (Blueberry) is gone -starts sobbing again- and im going to give you guys her final words that were passed on to me in our mutual journal. ‘Im sorry’ sadly that was all she could even write it seems. unfortunately im not kidding at all. i wish i was but thus ends the life of a beautiful person and a wonderful light on the world. Sorry guys i just thought it only right to let you all know"

My friend told me not to believe it, but if I didn’t believe it and it actually happened, I would feel bad for not believing it. The next couple of days, I spoke with some of my friends about it and after this post, and apparently,  Blueberry still logged on and off of FB, but a post following this one (info copied from the post and given to me in a message) read:

       ”Ok this is (Blueberry’s fiance) again and well it seems i need to make this REALLY plain and SIMPLE for alot of retards sending ME flaming messages about Blueberry’s DEATH, not SUICIDE ok? it was not a god damned SUICIDE. most of you people dont really give a shit, so i didnt share anymore details because i  was asked not to so leave me alone and leave her alone! shes gone dont tarnish her reputation by calling her a liar. the only reason she ‘comes online’ is because i am downloading photos to have at the funeral. thank you for you understanding and good bye”

I just thought this was absolutely ridiculous! I mean who would be stupid enough to actually believe that? And if it really was Blueberry’s fiance, wouldn’t he post it from his own account instead of Blueberry’s? Also, if they “didn’t give a shit”, why would they be messaging you for answers? And if it wasn’t a suicide, then why did you make it sound like it was in you previous post? And ”tarnish her reputation by calling her a liar”? Oh, please! You have GOT to be kidding me! She did that on her own by telling all those lies!

*Later, one of our mutual friends told me that she was told not to let anyone know that Blueberry is still alive or to mention her on FB.*

A few days later, Blueberry had deleted her FB account. One of my other friends on DeviantArt posted a journal entry apologizing for her previous journal entry (that had been deleted) that mentioned the death of her friend. It confirmed that Blueberry is still alive.

I didn’t know who to believe, so I decided to do a little research myself to see if there were any obituaries or articles announcing her death. I didn’t find it in any of the articles, but I found another DA journal entry dedicated to her. It read: (originally screenshotted)
 ”I’m sorry (Blueberry)
I hope now you can rest easy.
Maybe we can watch Hetalia again eh?
Blueberry (insert surname) 08/04/1992-18/02/2013
I feel terrible for the person who wrote this and actually believed her. Blueberry had to have a lot of nerve to pretend that she’s dead. A LOT of people cared about her and were worried sick (including me).

Since I had Googled her full name, I also came across her tumblr account. There, I found even more lies.

(Another omitted screenshot of her Tumblr page)
"Name: (Blueberry) (insert real middle and last name)
Age: 20
Sign: Aries
Mother’s Last Name: (insert name that I had only seen on FB but it is believable because she told me that her parents were separated and that she supposedly never met her father)
Father’s Last Name: Fyodorovna~Krumpov***”
***This proves she’s faking it because Fyodorovna, would be the otchestvo or, in English ”patronymic name” for a female, which is similar to a middle name in non~Russian names. A person’s otchestvo is taken from their father’s first name, plus a suffix, which are different for males and females. In this case, Blueberry’s supposed father’s surname is (girl patronymic~surname).***
Other things in the description: “Studying to be a vet” and it goes on about cartoons, cosplay, Hetalia and Disney
Also, ever since I knew her, her name had been “Blueberry (surname)”. On FB, it was “Blueberry (surname) (her mother’s supposed surname)” (I’m guessing the third name was her other parent’s surname). And the last time I checked, (Blueberry’s real surname) was NOT spelled “Fyodorovna-Krumpov”. (Oh, I forgot to mention that in high school, she once told me specifically that she wasn’t Russian because supposedly, people would tell her that they “thought she was Russian because she looked like Ester from the movie Orphan”.)

Also, according to our mutual friends, she flunked out of her community college, so she wasn’t even in school anymore. How could she have been “studying to be a vet" if she isn’t in school? And yes, this was posted after she flunked out because her age is updated and her birthday was recent.

Back to the topic of her supposed “death”, I heard that she was spotted at AC (this local anime convention) and it freaked a lot of people out. I would seriously be freaked out too if I actually believed her.

I also discovered her Youtube account. She has uploaded a video (insert link that I had to omit) after her “death dateBUT she stated that she wasn’t dead in it. She also says that she had to close her FB account because she was “being harassed”. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I wouldn’t believe it. If it was true, it was probably due to her constant lies. I think that she just calls it “harassing” when people call her
out on her lies.
 (*For example, at my birthday party, after Leroy left, she retold everyone there that he currently had a girlfriend that looked like her, but he didn’t because (when I asked him about it earlier) he told me that Blueberry was his last girlfriend. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t true, but she defended herself by saying that his close friend told her about it. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing from her, because I know his close friend that she mentioned, and he would NEVER make up a lie about my friend like that.*) 
I understand if you need to delete your FB for whatever reason, but why pretend that you’re dead before deleting it? Does she actually believe herself when she tells all these lies?

(I also had a video of her attempting a Russian accent while cosplaying and wishing her a friend a Happy Birthday, which she should’ve said in Russian, if she actually spoke it!!!) Also, if she was really Russian, she would have at least attempted the Russian birthday song {I sang part it for my friend’s birthday at her party}.

I don’t know why she would tell so many lies, especially ones that affect other people. It just doesn’t make sense to me. She has damaged many reputations and her own by even telling them. I just hope that one day, she wakes up from her dreamland of reality and is able to differentiate fact from fiction. I think  that she doesn’t have to tell lies to make make people like her. I (and many others) was her friend before all of this craziness and liked her for who she really was. I hope that she realizes that she doesn’t need to base her life off of anime in order to make friends.
TLDR: My former friend/crazy Hetalia fan who pretended to be a different ethnicity and tells numerous lies about herself and other people.
Mod: I edited out a name you forgot! <3

200 followers and not a weeb story to publish…

Okay, I Need to get this out before I Move from my current city. God bless fancy neighborhoods with more security than the one I was living in.

>Be Armin cosplayer
>Tall, A bit on the chubby side, half of it is muscular though (swim team, hell yes.) New circle lenses.
>Halloween so why the fuck not?
>Jaunting around with friend and the boyfriend, all is well and good.
>Hear loud vocaloid music from phone.
>Group “What the fuck?” reaction.
>Approached by hambeast weeaboo with smaller weeaboos.
>Notice that hambeast gravitated to me.
>Hambeast almost crushes me in her sweaty embrace.
>Friends are trying to pry her off.
>Weeaboos two and three are distracting them.
>Three is calling my boyfriend “Shmexeh Levi-Heichou~~”
>Boyfriend mentions that i’m his girlfriend.
>Friend is pulled to me by the hambeast.
>Mfw friend is cosplaying OC.
>Hambeast forces me and the friend to cuddle and say that she ships us.
>Weeb two is taking pictures with her IPhone without permission.
>Friend is crying.
>Boyfriend starts LARP’ing Levi.
>Turns down weeb three and forces himself to call Armin his ‘uke’ to please them.
>Weeb two makes loud “OOOOOO” sounds.
>Weeb three starts fake crying.
>About to call police/scream and hope to god someone thinks were not just friends messing around.
>Hambeast grabs boyfriend’s crotch.
>That’s fucking it.
>Proceeds to call all three weebs piles of shit before kicking hambeast in the shin, bruising her fatsheilds.
>All of them run away but weeb two who’s still taking pictures.
>Boyfriend angrily snatches phone and deletes all the pictures before threatening to call her parents.
>Weeb two starts crying before the bab gives her phone back.
>We all go home after buying the rest of our candy from the Get-Go a block or two away.

And that my friend: Is a true halloween horror story. Stock up on weeb repellent and you’ll be okay. 

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